Tuesday, October 19, 2010


No, our new sponsor is not a specialist in organic agriculture but it is a leader in the alternative bicycle culture in France. And the best way for him to act is to offer a nice green 1x1 frame, cogs and rings from Surly, and spicy Salsa grips.

Thank you to Jean-Claude from Alternative Bicycles

Non notre nouveau sponsor ne fait pas dans l'Agriculture Biologique mais plutôt dans la culture Alternative du Bicycle. Et quoi de mieux pour ça que de vous offrir un beau cadre 1x1 encore tout vert, des couronnes et des pignons tout frais de chez Surly. Sans oublier des poignées pimentées de chez Salsa.

Merci à Jean-Claude d'Alternative Bicycles

1 comment:

  1. Great Guys!
    Just bought my 1X1 from them to build up for this event. Very helpful.
    Look forward to riding with them and sharing a beer or two ;)