Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Final Registration

 To give you an idea, here are the prices:

- Titanium : 55€ (three days: includes friday to saturday & saturday to sunday camping, showers & toilets, friday evening & saturday evening dinners and welcome gift)

- Steel Deluxe : 40€ (saturday, including saturday to sunday camping, showers & toilets, saturday evening dinner and welcome gift)

- Diskney Land : 25€ (for those who do not ride, three days: access to showers & toilets, dinners, camping)

- Singlespeed Dating : 8€ (sunday lunch)
Pour vous donner une idée, les tarifs seront ceux ci-dessus.


  1. Bruno what about partners attending? Also do you have a Google maps location?

  2. Hi,

    Just gift for Rider(s)
    Location : 50.303037,4.759973